Bianca De Jong
Amsteldijk 108-3
1078 RP Amsterdam

phone: +31 627074063


Curriculum Vitae

BIANCA DE JONG has been teaching folk dance since 1977. In 1981 she obtained the NEVO (currently LCA) certificate for folk dance teachers, officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture. In 1987 the Ministry qualified her on the graduate level of the Dance Academy in the Netherlands with the so-called "Benoembaarheidsverklaring". In 1987 Bianca passed the examination for the degree of Doctorandus in the Sciences of Education, mastering in Orthopedagogy at the University of Amsterdam.

Bianca is active in several aspects of teaching folk dance. From 1978 on she studies Bulgarian folklore and she travels to Bulgaria at least once a year. She visits amateur and professional ensembles, researchers and (village) dancers. From 1983-1990 she visited Turkey regularly to study folklore.
Besides numerous workshops in Bulgarian Folk Dance, Bianca teaches folk dances from different countries on all levels and various occasions in Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, United States, Taiwan, Australia, Israel and Hongkong.
She has taught at the dance academy in Tilburg (Holland) and Koupio (Finland) and at the professional "Folkloristisch Danstheater" in Amsterdam.

Since 1981 Bianca organizes folklore tours to Bulgaria and (1994 on) to other countries.
1979-1985 she performed in the Dutch group Praznik, specialized in Bulgarian dance and 1987-1991 in the Turkish group Tozak. Of both groups she was the co-founder.

Bianca is actively involved in training folk dance teachers. She has been head of teaching staff of a two year part-time education in Holland. She is still involved as a guest teacher for Turkish and Bulgarian folk dance and the subject of group-dynamics. Several workshops for folk dance teachers on different subjects are lead by her. She developed and executed a one-year training for recreational teachers in Switzerland.

Bianca has published articles on Bulgarian folklore in The Netherlands and abroad. She has made choreographies for amateur performing groups in Holland, Hongkong and Australia. She has been member of several juries in folk dance festivals. In 1994 she produced a compact disc: "Movements in Bulgarian Folk Music".